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Working Romance is out, and Who's Taming Who? is coming soon!


I'm Sue. I wish I could claim to be young and beautiful, but I'm just me, mid-fifties and overweight. I have blond hair, when I remember to color it and hazel eyes.

My writing takes two forms: the romance novels, and the more kinky spanking novels. They're not so far apart really, but some like one, some the other and hopefully some like both.

I grew up in Southern California and I've lived here all my life. I've been an animal lover all my life, with several horses, and dogs over the years.

Currently, I have a one-year-old Boston Terrier named Oreo.  She's a little brat, but she's also very loving.

My news:

Smile My contemporary romance novel: Working Romance is out now!

A young widow meets a handsome man at the nude beach and soon learns he is her new boss!

Laughing Who's Taming Who? will be out in a few weeks.

A handsome man is set up with a hot-tempered woman who wants nothing to do with him, until she falls in love.

Laughing Pre-order special: Order Working Romance and Who's Taming Who? and pay $20.00 for the pair (+$4.95 shipping) Order to be shipped around September 10, 2010

Laughing Fall sale: Order all 3 spanking books for $30.00 (+$4.95 shipping)

Laughing September Contest: Enter a drawing for The Heart Of The Beast 

It's a historical romance novel, loosely based on Beauty and the Beast but with several spanking scenes, and of course, lots of hot, steamy love scenes. Beauty is a virgin, beautiful, brave, and strong-willed. The Beast is a warrior, handsome, fierce, and cold-hearted. The fire and passion between them makes her a woman and teaches him how to love.

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A special thanks to my editor, Paul, from CCB Publishing. He has helped and guided me so much in getting these books out. What a joy to work with!

You won't find any "dirty" pictures here, and the language is clean, there is no child pornography, BUT the site and the topic on it are both intended for adults over 18 anyway.